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Performance Night

WHITE HEAT, Performance evening
3rd June 2010, 6-9pm

Time Out's First Thursday

The Readers wil be performing their manifesto live on Redchurch Street, reclaiming seminal works of cultural and artistic importance from the established literary canon and liberating such works from the written word to create musical collages for your listening pleasure.

Helen Ashton - Cornet
Dolores de Sade - Musical saw
Kelly Drake - Contra Alto, percussion
Simona Faustini - Mezzo Soprano
Eva Knutsdotter - Glockenspiel, harmonised glasses
Rupert Philbert - Electric Guitar, delay units, piano
Ramon Salgado-Touzon - Baritone, theramin, vocoder
Joens Tensini - Contra Tenor
Leonardo Ulian - Deconstructed toys/digital/vintage electronica